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31 May
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So hey. I'm ♥Ri0t. But you might call me Ji. Or Krysteen. Or whatever you know me by. I'm 19 and I work fulltime at Macy*s which is where I am a lot of my days. I go to school at Humphreys College and I'm studying to be a paralegal; well, or at least get my BA. You probably know my car since everyone knows Jamie, my 1988 Jimmy Blazer. Jon and I are going strong on 2 years and people please get over the age difference! Ya ya, I went to St. Mary's HS but who said I was proud of that? I have 13 tattoos *I'm not done yet* and 16 piercings; my blue and pink hair is just pink and black now. I'm bored with rambling now. ♥

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04-01-06 A lot of you know, but for those of you who don't- we finally did it! On Saturday night, Jon and I got married at Amaraen. =-) The Manuel registered to marry us, and we had a small but fun wedding. The best part was Jon not knowing about it, although it was really difficult to plan a wedding behind Jon's back! Big ass thanks to Spaz, who was my maid of honour and there was no way I could have done it all without her! We move into our apartment on the 12th, and we do plan on having a church wedding in about a month with family and more people there. Everyone who was there: don't hesitate to send me any/all pictures you took! I don't care what they're of! my email is no9riotgrrl@sbcglobal.net
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